We help technology, media and entertainment companies grow market share, revenue and profit.


We help technology, media and entertainment companies increase market share, revenue and profit.

We are investors and strategy advisors, combining deep industry knowledge with a 25-year track record of enabling companies to grow and thrive in the digital age.

Changing customer behaviour. Shorter innovation cycles. Disruptive competition. Higher cost pressure. The need to get to market faster. It takes a lot to grow in today‘s technology, media & entertainment industries … This is where we come in.


We have been in your shoes and successfully executed countless growth and GTM strategies, change programs and turnarounds in highly competitive market environments.


We deliver strategy, execution, and tangible results. Field-proven, data-infused, tech-driven, and never off-the-shelf.
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In-depth industry know-how: Technology, Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising, Venture Capital.

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Our growth & evolution architects have led businesses to record results and double- to triple-digit growth, increasing revenues and profit up to 10X.

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Sales, marketing, product and capital market experts with decades of operational and top-management experience in market-leading technology, media & entertainment companies, creative agencies and investment banks.

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Our team members have served more than 3,000 customers across the globe, including global Fortune 500, FTSE100 and DAX30 companies. They have delivered solutions to growth, innovation and transformation challenges of global corporations as well as small and medium sized businesses across 5 continents – making them ideal sparring partners for you.

NOAA Solutions: Enabling you to innovate and grow, increase market share and share of wallet, successfully enter new markets, industries, and customer segments.


Sales Acceleration

Unlock your full growth potential in existing and new markets, grow customer lifetime value and reduce churn.

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We create effective sales and pricing strategies, detailed action plans and KPIs to maximize your sales impact.

We analyze customer portfolios & journeys, identify bottlenecks in your sales processes to remove the blockers that prevent you from closing more deals.

We design channel partner and strategic account management models to increase your market share and share of wallet.

We implement the perfect operating model, data-driven sales and powerful tools to ensure laser focus on sustainable revenue and profit growth.

We empower, inspire and energize your sales teams to take your business to the next leve


Marketing Performance

Boost your marketing efficiency, your Return on Invest and ensure marketing is part of your growth engine.

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We design effective marketing strategies and plans and define the necessary KPIs to track and constantly improve the success of your campaigns and support the execution.

We define compelling value propositions and clear differentiators from your competition to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

We align your processes to make sure that marketing, sales and customer success teams are working hand in hand.

We implement the perfect operating model and define the necessary KPIs to track and constantly improve the success of your campaigns and support the execution.



Expand internationally, increase speed to market and successfully launch new products and services.

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  • We create go-to-market strategies, detailed action plans and KPIs to enable you to expand into new markets, industries and customer segments, and successfully launch new products and services.

  • We create market, demand and SWOT analyses to help you identify new market opportunities, unlock untapped revenue potential and ensure that you make the right expansion decisions without costly mistakes.

  • We identify your perfect target markets, customers and the right stakeholders in the buying process to make sure you achieve your goals and expand your business faster.


Business Modelling

Innovate your business models, product and service offering with our unique expertise in various industries.

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We enable you to develop and launch new business models, platform ideas, products, solutions and services that perfectly meet your customers’ needs.

We create strategies and necessary steps to move from CAPEX to OPEX models and increase customer lifetime value by implementing recurring revenue streams and tiered pricing models. Idea and interaction, scaling economics and network effects, goals and governance, convergence and personalization, SaaS transition and platform economy are core areas of our expertise.


Transaction Services

For investors: Fully understand if you are about to invest in the right company. For start-ups and scale-ups: Get in shape for your next financing.

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We provide sales and commercial due diligence for financial and strategic investors, Boards of Directors and Supervisory Boards.

We help you make the right acquisition decisions, grow your portfolio companies in a profitable way, support post merger integration processes and maximize your returns on exit.

Our data-infused approach provides complete transparency on current performance and potential on the back of our assessment of the relevant market, competitive landscape and the feasibility of the business plan.

We help start-ups and scale-ups optimize business models, value proposition, growth architecture and sales & marketing operations to significantly increase their value and  attractiveness to investors.

Some of our references:


Go-To-Market strategy for global ad platform

Turn-around of the business in multiple European markets of a globally leading ad-tech firm. Development of EMEA growth strategy. Development of a GTM plan for a new product suite. Grow revenues and customer profitability, expand market share.


Launching a video ad distribution platform

Strategy development and introduction of a SaaS platform for the distribution of advertising videos in Western and Central Europe. The challenge was the existing competition and their mature products. Through the support of potential Honeycomb customers such as advertisers and production houses, the receiving side, broadcasters and publishers, were convinced to accept another provider.

Sales acceleration for Private Equity portfolio company

The private university AKAD, a company of the investment company Aurelius, was struggling with volatile sales from existing B2B customers and was therefore only able to plan to a limited extent. Through the NOAA Sales Acceleration Programme, a professional sales coverage model and customer segmentation based on revenue and profitability criteria was implemented. Sales team hit an all-time revenue high.

Benefits of working with NOAA:

Performance acceleration delivered.

Quick Wins

Identify your short-term growth potential and take action in just 4 weeks.

Productivity Boost

Accelerate sales, marketing and GTM performance and ROI by understanding current bottlenecks and blockers and dynamizing your teams, tools, strategies, tactics and processes.

Tangible Actions & Results

Get field-proven strategies and action plans that deliver measurable results. Experts with decades of operational top-management experience and deep industry knowledge help you identify the key areas of improvement and set the right priorities to achieve sustainable revenue and profit growth.

Sustainable Growth

Ensure the long-term success of your growth strategy with the help of experts who have overcome your challenges many times over and
led businesses to record results and double- to triple-digit growth, increasing revenues and profit up to 10X.


NOAA was founded in 2019 by senior executives of a globally leading AdTech and MarTech firm with a clear mission: To support technology, media and entertainment companies grow and thrive in highly competitive market environments.


What sets us apart is our first-hand experience at the helm of international market-leading companies. Our team’s decades-long operational expertise enables us to personally connect with your organisation’s problems and challenges. With this deep understanding, we can translate them into practical, field-proven solutions that yield tangible results for our clients and portfolio companies.


As your trusted sparring partner, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the realms of technology, media, & entertainment, marketing & advertising, and investment banking. We understand the intricate dynamics, emerging trends, and pressing challenges of the market landscape like no other. This allows us to deliver invaluable insights and tailored strategic and tactical guidance that aligns precisely with your needs.

Growth is never by mere chance.
It is the result of forces working together.

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