We help technology and media companies enter new markets, grow market share, revenue and profit.


We help technology and media companies enter new markets, increase market share, revenue and profit.

We are growth experts and investors for the tech and media industry.

Changing customer behaviour. Market saturation. The need to go to market faster. Disruptive competition. Rapid technological advancements. Monetization & funding challenges. 


It takes a lot to grow in today‘s technology and media industries …  This is where we come in.


Our deep industry knowledge and more than 15 years of successfully executing numerous growth strategies, GTM plans, and turnarounds in highly competitive markets empower us to help companies increase market share, enter new markets and drive revenue and profits.

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Generic slides and empty jargon. 

Our strategies and tactics are battle-proven, data-infused, tech-driven, and always tailored to your unique needs. Never one-size-fits-all.

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In-depth industry know-how: Technology, Media & Entertainment, Marketing & Advertising, Venture Capital. 

Our sales, marketing, and capital market experts bring over 15 years of hands-on and senior executive experience in market-leading technology and media firms, creative agencies and investment banks.

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Our experts have led businesses with up to 3,000 employees and +300 MEUR in revenues. 

They have achieved record results, delivering double- to triple-digit YoY growth, increasing revenues and profit up to 10X.

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With a collective experience of supporting more than 3,000 clients in tackling growth, innovation, and transformation challenges, ranging from multinational corporations to dynamic start-ups and scale-ups, our team members are exceptionally well-equipped to be your perfect sparring partners for every phase of your business’s evolution.

NOAA Services: How we help you get more juice from the lemon.


Growth Acceleration

We help unlock your full growth potential by filling your sales funnel, boosting win rates, driving revenue growth, increasing market share, and optimizing profitability

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  • Market Strategy & Positioning: In-depth market analysis, ideal customer profiling, clear positioning, and customer-centric messaging across all channels.
  • Sales and Pricing Excellence: Effective sales and pricing strategies, action plans, and KPIs for maximum sales impact.
  • Marketing Strategy Excellence: Effective marketing strategies and plans, KPIs for continuous campaign success improvement, and unique value propositions to stand out.
  • Streamlined Sales & Marketing Processes: Customer portfolio analysis, bottleneck identification for improved lead conversion and win rates and shorter sales cycles. Implementation of optimized operating models for higher efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Market Expansion: Channel partner and strategic account management model design, aimed at boosting market share and share of wallet.
  • Tech- & Data-Driven Sales: Implementation of data-driven sales approaches, and tech tools for sustainable revenue and profit growth.
  • Process Alignment: Seamless collaboration among marketing, sales, and customer success teams.
  • Tactical Precision: Meticulously crafted tactics, precise KPIs, and continuous execution refinement for optimal results.



We help you navigate the complexities of product & service launches, international expansions and successfully entering new markets and industry segments.

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  • Launch Strategy & Execution: Comprehensive strategy for product and service launches, end-to-end execution, and successful market entry.
  • International Expansion Planning: Tailored plans for international expansion, including market assessment, regulatory compliance, and localization strategies.
  • Market Research & Segmentation: In-depth market research, customer segmentation, and targeting strategies to maximize market share.
  • Competitive Positioning: Analysis of competition, positioning strategies, and tactics to gain a competitive edge.
  • Market Entry Excellence: Expert guidance on entering new markets and industry segments, including identifying key target customers and stakeholders, recognizing opportunities and quick wins, mitigating risks, and optimizing distribution channels for efficient market penetration.
  • Market Entry Partnerships: Identifying and establishing strategic partnerships for accelerated market entry and growth.
  • Marketing Localization: Customizing marketing strategies and materials to resonate with local audiences.
  • Go-to-Market Roadmaps: Clear roadmaps outlining steps and milestones for successful market entry and expansion.


Transaction Services

For investors: Make informed decisions and maximize returns with strategic insights and in-depth due diligence.

For startups & scale-ups: Create the foundation for successful financing rounds and attract investors. 

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Investor Services:

  • Due Diligence Expertise: Comprehensive due diligence assessments, providing a deep understanding of potential investments and their risks.
  • Strategic Investment Insights: Strategic insights and recommendations to empower investors in making well-informed investment decisions.
  • Exit Optimization Strategies: Strategies and tactics to optimize returns on exit investments, ensuring maximum profitability.

Start-ups and Scale-ups Services:

  • Investor Attraction: Assistance in attracting investors, crafting compelling pitches, and developing investor-ready strategies.
  • Strategy Refinement: Strategy refinement to align with investor expectations and maximize attractiveness to potential investors.
  • Financing Foundation: Building a strong foundation for successful financing rounds, ensuring sufficient capital to fuel growth and market success.


Some of the 3.000+ clients and strategic partners our team members have worked with in the past 15 years

Your benefits of working with us:

Performance acceleration
in just 4 weeks

Identify growth blockers and boost your business quickly with simple and highly effective actions.

Extended workbench with field-proven expertise

Hands-on support from top executives of market leading companies, actively helping you to enter new markets, enhance market share, maximize profits, and secure funding for your venture’s success.

Access to a global network of decision-makers

Access an invaluable network of industry-leading tech and media companies, agencies, corporates, and investors for opportunities in growth, partnerships, and funding.


Elevate your startup or scale-up with our tailored services designed to sharpen your investor appeal, refine your strategies, and establish a financial foundation to secure successful funding and drive growth.


Founded by senior executives from premier companies in tech, media, advertising, and investment banking, NOAA propels companies to success in the competitive tech and media landscape. Our global management experience transforms us from mere consultants to empathetic sparring partners intimately familiar with your organization’s challenges.


We go beyond strategizing by applying our hard-earned operational expertise to enact proven solutions and provide active operational support. Our commitment to the dynamic tech and media sectors is supplemented by our investments in promising start-ups and scale-ups.


Leveraging in-depth knowledge across technology, media, marketing, advertising, and finance, we adeptly address complex challenges and offer tailored strategic advice, and hands-on support ensuring your company thrives amid market evolution.

Growth is never by mere chance.
It is the result of forces working together.

J.C. Penney


Sales acceleration for Private Equity portfolio company

Confronted with fluctuating revenue streams, AKAD, part of the Aurelius investment group, engaged the NOAA Sales Acceleration Programme to stabilize and enhance sales performance. The program catalyzed the development of a robust sales capacity model, refined client segmentation, and process optimization, all anchored by a new suite of KPIs focused on revenue and profitability. This strategic pivot not only drove the sales division to an all-time revenue high but also underpinned a successful exit strategy for the private equity stakeholder.

Launching a new ad distribution platform

Strategic planning and go-to-market execution enabled the successful launch of a novel video advertising SaaS platform in Western and Central Europe. Despite fierce competition, the company achieved swift market entry and notable penetration. Within just two years, the high degree of innovation and tenacity resulted in the acquisition by a leading industry competitor.

Growth and Go-to-Market strategy for global AdTech platform

Orchestration of a strategic turnaround for a leading AdTech firm across Europe, deploying an integrated growth strategy that fused new capacity models, process improvements, and dynamic pricing, bolstered by data-driven sales. A streamlined Go-to-Market plan for a new product suite further propelled revenue growth, enhanced client profitability, and solidified market share amidst aggressive pricing competition.

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