Digital Skills Gap Report 2020

Gefahr für die künftige Wettbewerbsfähigkeit deutscher Unternehmen: Lehrkräfte bezweifeln Zukunftsfähigkeit des deutschen Bildungssystems – Schüler weitgehend digital inkompetent – Lehrer nutzen digitale Techniken unzureichend – Lehrpläne und Infrastruktur mangelhaft Digitale Kompetenzen werden immer wichtiger, bleiben aber im deutschen Bildungssystem auf der Strecke. Mehr als drei Viertel (78%) der Lehrkräfte der […]

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Landscape Architecture Series: Unity

It’s been said that some of the greatest landscape architects of all time never saw their work in the final way it was intended. Andre Le Notre of the Gardens of Versailles fame, Capability Brown, landscape architect of various English gardens… they all had to forward plan for the environmental changes that would make their gardens beautiful. Plants need to grow, flowers need to bloom and of course, weeds need to be removed. These aspects, however meticulously planned, are only able to then come together and produce a beautiful garden if the environmental conditions allowed. Even with the right nutrients…

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Design and Management of Digital Transformation

How does disruption work? In principle, every disruptive process can be divided into three phases: Invention Innovation Transformation Invention: In the first phase, digital pioneers start developing new technologies. Companies that may be affected by this new technology – both in positive and negative ways – either do not have […]

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Becoming an Advertising Leader in the Digital Age

Much like all other industries who have been disrupted over recent years, we’ve seen the world of advertising change rapidly, with digital advertising overtaking traditional channels, such as TV and print. This shift has led to an explosion in content across all platforms as advertisers fight to gain the attention […]

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Landscape Architecture Series: Scale

To scale a business requires planning, funding, the right systems, people and processes. Thomas Church, who’s elements of landscape architecture we’ve looking at, wrote that scalability was one of the key elements when creating a garden; it determined the economic and aesthetic success of the garden. When defining scalability from […]

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Landscape Architecture Series: Functionality

Function is one of the most basic elements of a successful company. If your business isn’t servicing the everchanging needs of your users – customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, etc, there won’t be a company for much longer. As outlined in his book, Gardens are for people, American landscape architect Thomas […]

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