How we help




Four specialized workshops designed to help you get more juice from your business.



Module 1: Process mapping and pain identification

Problem: Inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the current sales process hinder growth.

Solution: We help you map out your sales process, identify pain points, and propose tailored solutions to streamline operations and enhance performance.


Module 2: Resource, time and activity mapping

  • Problem: Misallocation of priorities, time and resources limits sales productivity.

  • Solution: By analyzing your resource allocation models and how your sales team spends their time, we offer strategies to optimize capacity models, priority setting and time management, boosting efficiency and productivity.


Module 3: Technology and tool usage assessment

  • Problem: Inefficient use of technology and tools can hinder sales processes.

  • Solution: We assess your current technology stack, identify gaps, and recommend improvements to ensure your tools effectively support your sales efforts. 


Module 4: Data and reporting optimization

  • Problem: Poor data collection and reporting practices impede informed decision-making and performance improvements.

  • Solution: We audit your data practices, demonstrate advanced reporting tools, and provide best practices for leveraging data to drive strategic decisions and continously improve team performance.